Triple the size of the existing playground


The Battery Playscape reflects the sea, wind, sand, and surrounding park landscape of gardens. This horticultural haven will serve as a global exemplar of sustainable and climate-responsible playground design.

Set within rain gardens that filter stormwater runoff, play features include five granite slides on the Adventure Bluffs, a grand arena for sand play, three treehouses connected by suspension bridges weaving through the mature tree canopy, and the innovative Jewel Box Theater for improvisational performance and puppet shows. The Battery Playscape will offer creative exploration leading to spontaneous moments of discovery.

The 1.4-acre Playscape will respond to the growing number of Lower Manhattan families, the increase in the number of elementary schools, and the ever-increasing visitation by children from all five boroughs.


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The Jewel Box Theater

Collaborating with Cheryl Henson of the Jim Henson Foundation and MacArthur Fellow Basil Twist, The Battery Conservancy and its architects BKSK, are creating an innovative jewel for imaginative play. This unique playground theater is designed to empower children of all ages to write, direct, costume and perform their own stories. It may initiate a lifetime in the theatrical arts. Only in New York!

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Spontaneous Discovery
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SeaGlass Carousel

The Battery Conservancy conceived and ?led ?the development? of SeaGlass Carousel to provide children and adult?s ?a virtual underwater ?experience?.

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The Battery Gardens

Visited by over 7 millions people each year, The Battery was the first New York City public park to introduce a horticultural landscape without fences or an admission fee.

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The Battery Urban Farm

The Battery Conservancy created Battery Urban Farm to engage students, residents, and visitors in sustainable farming techniques, the joys of tasting new foods, and environmental stewardship.

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