Support The Battery's Resilience.

In 2012 SuperStorm Sandy struck The Battery ‘s 1500 foot waterfront with a 14-foot tidal surge, and with it, climate change and rising sea levels became a reality for New York City. Contribute today to The Battery’s resiliency efforts as we plant salt-tolerant plants, replace concrete with porous gravel and toxin-free lawns, and build flood-ready infrastructure to prepare for the storms of tomorrow.

The Battery Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) educational not–for–profit organization, created in 1994 to design, build, maintain, and enliven the historic Battery, the 25-acre public park at the southern tip of Manhattan. The Battery Conservancy’s EIN number is 13-3769101. All donations are tax-deductible as permitted under federal tax law. Donors can obtain a copy of The Battery Conservancy’s most recent audit from the Office of the New York State Attorney General, Department of Law, Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, New York, NY 10271.

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